Duqm Port to strengthen Oman’s positioning as logistics hub

The formal inauguration of the Port of Duqm will help strongly position as a regional logistics gateway and spur the country’s economic growth, according to a key representative of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI).

Mohamed Hassan al Ansi (pictured), Chairman of OCCI’s Labour Market Regulation Committee, and a well-established player in the logistics industry, described the Port of Duqm as a landmark economic project from the standpoint of its geographical location at the crossroads of international shipping lanes serving both East-West and regional maritime trade. Furthermore, its proximity to the most important markets in the African continent as well as Indian sub-continent, qualifies Duqm to be a global logistics centre, he stated.

“Port of Duqm is considered one of the most important ports in the world, given its remarkable capabilities in serving shipping, industrial and economic investments and logistics as well. It has areas dedicated for industrial zones, manufacturing industries, warehousing and logistics, and re-export. This enhances the role of Duqm port as a competitor with international ports, while giving confidence to the major shipping lines to make Omani ports the first port of call in the region,” Al Ansi stated.

Speaking exclusively to the Observer, the official noted that Duqm Port’s formal launch will contribution to further integration with Omani ports. “lt will contribute to activating and strengthening the role of the local investors as well as the foreign investor by connecting with the target markets and bringing in foreign investments to enhance the performance of the national economy. In turn, this will enable the Omani government to achieve its desired goals of activating the role of the local private sector and increasing its contribution to economic development and enabling it to compete globally.”

The logistics sector, Al Ansi said, is poised to play an important role, together with industry, tourism, fish farming and agriculture, in sustaining the growth of the local economy. Rising output from these sectors will help boost exports through Omani ports, while also reducing the country’s dependence on imports, he noted.

Al Ansi acknowledged that the global economic downturn and coronavirus pandemic did have a disruptive effect on local supply chains, but he applauded the measures adopted by the Omani authorities to alleviate these impacts on the flow of essential commodities and other goods. As a result, investors felt encouraged to continue their activities in the Sultanate of Oman, he added.

The OCCI official also underlined the importance of continued government support for the industrial sector to help it compete regionally and internationally. A stronger manufacturing segment will also help create jobs for Omanis and sustain growth in the governorates of the country, he added.

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